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What is Audiometry?

Audiometry is a test that measures hearing acuity in a variation of sounds and pitch frequencies. This exam is performed to determine and identify how well an individual can hear. Tympanogram is an examination of the middle of the ear’s pressure. This examination traces the movement of the membrane. Combinations of these exams are helpful in determining if there is any hearing loss. 


What occurs during and after the hearing exam?


The exam is conducted in an isolated room restricting incoming noise. We will provide you with headphones that are connected to a device that produces tones and different sound to your ears including a button that we will ask to press when you have recognized a sound. During the tympanometry exam, the technician will inspect the ear canal to verify there is no obstruction. 

After the exam, the doctor will provide you with your results. The results may also be sent to your employer if your visit was pertaining to your employment.

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