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First Aid Treatment

What is First-Aid Treatment?


First aid treatment is medical attention given to an employee who has been injured, became ill, or experiences other medical concerns during their work hours. Usually, consists of a one-time visit and does not require the employee to have time off from work. First aid treatment is given to the patient prior a more thorough medical attention may be needed. First aid includes but not limited to cleaning, bandaging, dispensing non-prescription medicine, administering immunizations, and removal of debris regarding to the injury.

Emergency rooms cost can be outright expensive. Our office works with employers providing quality care to their employees and cost-effective treatment.

Per OSHA, first aid treatments are not required to be recorded. In the event that the patient needs further medical care, the employer would be required to report and record the work-related injury. For additional information regarding work-related injuries, please click on our work-related injury icon.


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