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Immigration Physicals

Our office offers Immigration medical exams (I-693) for individuals applying for a U.S. green card or adjustment of status. The medical examination is required by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to be performed by a civil surgeon.Dr. Jagdish Patel, M.D. has been a qualified civil surgeon for the last 30 years.


What to expect during and after your initial visit?

The doctor will perform a medical examination. This includes a review of your immunization and medical history. Our office will complete the required laboratory tests during your visit and results can take between 3-5 business days. If your tuberculosis lab test reveals a positive result, we will contact you to schedule a follow-up visit and complete a Chest X-ray. Once all the requirements have been met, we will have you sign and place the I-693 form with all records required in a sealed envelope.

For a fixed price, applicants 14 years of age and younger, our immigration physical includes: 

  • Physical exam
  • Laboratory test: Tuberculosis
  • Vaccination and medical history review 
  • A complete I-693 form with all required results is provided in a sealed envelope.
  • A copy of the I-693 for your records.

For applicants 15 years and older, Our Immigration physical includes all of the above in addition to: 

  • Laboratory test: syphilis and gonorrhea

The fixed price does not include required immunization or any treatment to treat or cure diseases that are required before submitting the forms. If you have any immunization records from home, we do kindly request that you provide our office with those records. If you don’t have proof, you can have a blood test to check for antibodies against specific vaccinations. Please visit the CDC website for further information on immunizations.


What documents will we need from the patient?

  • Valid government-issued photo ID: ID, passport, Driver's License, work permit.
  • A copy of vaccination records including the COVID vaccine (must be in English or English translation)
  • Health insurance card, if any 
  • List of medications, if any
  • Previous medical records submitted to immigration (if applies) 
  • Request for Evidence letter (if applies)
  • Immigration appointment notice letter (if applies) 
  • I-693 pages 1-4 with form unsigned

In most cases, an appointment can be made within the same week. Please contact our office for any questions or to schedule your next appointment.



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