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Job Placement Assessment

What is a Job Placement Assessment?


A job placement assessment is an examination by a provider who evaluates whether the candidate can meet the job requirements asked by the employer. Typically, a job placement assessment is for new hires or candidates offered employment opportunities and the examination will determine the final decision in their hiring process. Employers want to ensure the candidate has the capacity and skill set to perform their potential job duties. In other circumstance, a patient may be changing job titles within the same company and will require a job placement assessment. Our office offers custom examinations to meet your company needs.

In our area, most of the occupations are offered in a warehouse setting. Our most common evaluations we offered are as following:

  1. Cardiovascular fitness: We utilize a step test which includes climbing up and down over 12" inches high stool at 42 times per minute. This gives us the heart rate baseline. After the exercise, we also examine the conditioning of the person at the time of evaluation. 

  1. Upper body strength and fitness: We utilize 5 pounds dumbbell, various movements of the wrist and elbows, and push-ups. 

  1. Incremental weightlifting: We start with 5 pounds from floor to the waist up to 100 pounds and from the waist to above shoulder of 50 pounds. 

Based on the performance, we can assess how the candidate will lift on occasional, frequent or rarely.

If you are interested in registering your company, please contact our office or send us an inquiry through our contact form.


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