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Pilot Examinations

What is a Pilot Examination?


An FAA physical is a medical evaluation of your medical history to determine if you are adequate to pilot an aircraft. The medical examiner reviews your physical, mental, and medical history. The provider has to be an approved aviation medical examiner. Dr. Patel has been serving as a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner for the Federal Aviation Authority.


Preparing for your examination


Our office offers 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class medical exams for pilots. During your appointment, the examiner will complete your medical examination. If all requirements are met, the provider will issue you a medical certificate. Depending on your class, An EKG may be required for ages 35 and older. An additional will may apply.


If interested in completing a medical exam with our office, please follow these steps: 

  • Schedule an appointment with our office. 
  • Before your appointment, you will need to register on and complete initiate your online application. We recommend that you print out a copy of the application to provide to the examiner during your medical exam.


To help expedite the process during your visit, you may be required to bring additional records or documents. We ask that you bring the following to your appointment if it applies:

  • For patients who wear glasses or contact lenses, we recommend that you schedule a visit with your optometrist before you visit our office and have them fill out the FAA 8500-7 form.
  • For patients with sleep apnea and are using a CPAP machine, provide us with a printout of the actual usage of the machine from the last 30 days. 


Please contact our office for any questions or to schedule your next appointment.



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