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Breath Alcohol and Drug Screen Testing

What is Breath Alcohol Testing? 


Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing also known as EBT is a device that measures the
alcohol level through the individual's breath. Our technicians are trained and qualified
to perform the EBT and read accurately the result of this test. In some cases, and
depending on the employer, this test may also be required with a drug test. These tests
may also be used for reasonable suspicion, random selection, post-accident, pre-
employment or work-related injury.


What is a Urine Drug Test?


A Urine drug test analyzes the urine sample for the presence of illegal drugs and prescription medication. In most cases, this test can be ordered by an employer. They will specify the test that we will perform during your visit in our clinic. We perform rapid urine drug testing in our lab and send out collections as needed.


We offer a variety of drug tests including:

  • In-house saliva and a rapid urine drug testing
  • Urine drug testing according to the DOT standards with the confirmation from NIDA approved laboratory. 
  • Non-DOT urine drug testing can be customized according to the company needs.
  • Hair collections



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