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Work Related Injuries

What are Work-related injuries?


Work related injuries are when an employee injures, or an illness is developed whether physical or psychological during the duration of their employment. The employee is responsible to report the injury to their employer immediately. If the injury is deemed to be work-related, the patient is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Workers' compensation is a form of insurance that provides a claim adjuster to handle the claim, wage replacement and travel reimbursement. Depending on the insurance carrier, they may offer other benefits such as translation, transportation and more. There are no payments (i.e., co-pay, co-ins or deductibles) collected by the patient for their medical care.

At Premier Urgent Care, we thrive on providing the best care and getting the patient back to work. Our medical providers have an extensive understanding of federal and state regulations to perform the best examination and treatment options. We treat a variety of injuries including but not limited to:

  • Sprains
  • Lacerations
  • Burns
  • Minor eye injuries
  • Chemical exposure
  • Mental stress injuries
  • Minor Fractures


What services do we offer for workers compensation?

  • Evaluation and treatment, including wound care
  • Drug and breath alcohol testing
  • In-house Digital X-rays
  • Work status report
  • P&S/ PR4 evaluation
  • QME- Qualified Medical Examination

  • Fitness for duty evaluation
  • Return to work evaluation
  • Telemedicine for COVID-19 work related injuries
  • Immunizations
  • DME-Durable Medical Equipment


There are protocols that our office must follow during the patient’s visit and further treatment. Below you will find our condense explanation:

  1. During the patient’s visit, our providers provide an examination and treatment. This develops a Doctor’s First Report (DFR) that must be provided to the workers compensation carrier within 5 days of the patient’s visit. The report provides patient demographics, description of injury causation, doctor’s examination notation, treatment provided and if a referral was placed. 
  2. Our practice obtains workers compensation insurance information for the employer. It is the employer’s responsibility to report and file the claim and provide us with claim information to proceed with further care. This information is crucial from the very beginning of the treatment. The required information consists of: Claim number, Claim adjuster’s contact information, Workers' compensation insurance name, billing address and contact information. We also recommend that the patient provides us with that information in the event that they received it prior us being notified.
  3. If additional services are required beyond what our office provides, we will generate a Request for Authorization also known as an RFA. Authorization from the workers compensation insurance is required for the following services but not limited to therapy, specialist visits, medication, advance radiology and injections. The complete process from generating the request, faxing the documentation to the workers compensation insurance, receiving the determination and generating the referral if approved may take between 5-14 business days.
  4. Once faxed, a copy will be provided to the patient. Please note some specialists do review records prior to scheduling an appointment with the patient. Although a referral has been sent it is not a guarantee that the specialist will approve your referral. If this occurs, please contact our office to redirect the referral to another provider in your workers compensation medical provider network.

Our providers are contracted with a variety of workers compensation insurances to provide quality care and ultimately assisting the patient to returnback to work in a safe and timely manner. For additional information, please contact our office to speak to one of our representatives.


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