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Compression Therapy

Chronic wounds of the lower extremities are usually caused by venous leg ulcers or venous stasis and are often accompanied by swelling of feet and ankles, with profuse drainage. These ulcers are caused by venous disease that affects the circulation of blood in leg veins.  They can usually be painful, distressful to the patient, present from several weeks to years and can be very costly. 


The standard treatment option for venous leg ulcers includes compression therapy. This involves applying external pressure around the lower extremities to help the return of blood flow from the legs to the heart. Compression therapy uses bandages, stockings, other specialized tapes or devices. The use of compression to the lower extremity will help to improve, expedite and play a vital role for healing of venous leg ulcers in addition to wound dressing and elevating the lower extremities whenever possible. 


Immediate and correct identification of the wound to the lower extremity is very crucial in appropriate and prompt management of the non-healing wound. In general, the goals of treatment are to reduce edema, improve ulcer healing, and prevent recurrence of wounds. Our Wound care expertise will discuss the best options for each patient to promote the best results for their individual needs.

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